Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fun with new catalogs

I love getting a new catalog in the mail especially when it is one I don't get often. Saturday I received a Pendleton clothing catalog. One of the reasons I enjoy them so much is that I can get great ideas from them. I would love to be able to purchase several things from this catalog, but it is a bit pricey for me now that I am retired. The quality is excellent on Pendleton items whether it is clothing or blankets. I have some Pendleton curtains in my living room that I absolutely love.

I thought I would share some of my favorites from the catalog with all of you. All photos are from the Pendleton website, click on the link below the picture to go to the website.

This jacket is an animal print that is a bit different. I love the cap sleeves and the large buttons. Notice that Pendleton mixed patterns here. If there was one piece I could get from this catalog, it would be this one.

Cap Sleeve Panther Jacket
The next item is a plaid jacket. While it is pretty, the thing I like best about this picture is the pin that was placed on the pocket. I love special details. I know that I have a pin in my stash that I can use to create this same look on one of my own jackets.

Cardiff Jacket
What I like about the next vest is the way that the front is cut with an open upside down V at the bottom and the buttons on the lapels. One of the things that bug me about lapels is that they often do not stay down as they should. Buttons on the lapels is a detail I can recreate on one of my vests or maybe a jacket.
Hunt club vest
This jacket has a neat detail at the neck of the jacket. It appears to be a tuck right below the collar. I like unusual details that make something different than everything else.
Margaret Jacket
What I like about the next dress is the idea that if I had a sleeveless dress I could layer it and wear it in the fall with boots and tights.
Fintage Fit Roundabout Shirt Dress
My final inspiration piece is a belt that has a western flavor to it. I would love to have this belt to wear with jeans and a leather jacket. I probably would not find anything even close to it here at a price I could afford, but I can start watching!

Beaded Fringe Belt

Do you experience a bit of excitement when you get a new catalog in the mail? What is your favorite catalog?


  1. Some good finds and good ideas! I like the Chico's catalog but the models look to be about 90 pounds soaking wet and about 7 feet tall, unlike my short, menopausal self. Would like to see how you integrate your picks into your wardrobe.

  2. I love the "panther" jacket, Debbi, and the fringe belt. You have exquisite taste! I really enjoy the Anthropologie catalog, even though the full prices are above my limits. : >

  3. You have a very good eye, to pick out these styling details and recreate with your own pieces! I sometimes get inspired by a look and am learning to hone in on the styling rather than the pieces, as sometimes the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

    (I remember as a teenager buying real Pendleton wool to make my dad a shirt. I messed up the cuffs a little bit, but he wore it anyway.)

  4. I LOVE that first jacket. I could definitely see you wearing it. The second look is great for inspirational, but I think it's better DIY'd.

    The only catalogs I ever get in the mail are from Victoria Secret. I was always pretty excited because they often contained "deals", but I never ordered from them because I very much like to try stuff on. I've gotten better with online ordering though. I love getting sale emails, but have had to stop them due to my looming shopping ban. Aaa, I'll miss them.

  5. I have not received one in years but I used to love Spiegel catalog! I am loving that 1st jacket and the 2nd plaid one! I saw a blue Pendleton wool blazer on ebay the other day that I am seriously thinking about bidding on. Kiah

  6. Oh, I think you should HAVE the jacket. Perhaps it should be put at the TOP of your Christmas list and strong, consistent hints delivered...

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