Thursday, September 1, 2011

My first Thursday's are for Thrifters

Meagan at Spunky Chateau sponsors Thursdays are for Thrifters Party. This week is one of the first where I had something to show. Unfortunately, the closeup picture did not turn out. Must be something in the air as Patti at Not Dead Yet Style had camera problems today too. Anyway, my thrift find, as I reported yesterday is a pair of Bass loafers. I was thrilled to finally find good shoes at a thrift store.  It was another hot, hot day here. Hopefully, this is the end of the heat for our record breaking 51st day of over 100 degree heat.

Shirt: Dillards
Scarf: Chico's
Jeggings: JMS Walmart
Shoes: Bass Loafers - thrifted
 I went for a plainer look today. I know some people don't like white socks with loafers, but since I grew up wearing them that way, it just seems right to me. One thing I'd forgotten about loafers is that until they break in to your foot they rub and can leave a blister. That brought back a memory of a pair of shoes that I got for school when I was in Junior High. They hurt my feet and I got some horrid blisters. When I complained about it, my Mother told me that I picked them out and I had to wear them. I had no choice as they were they only shoes I had, so band-aids became my friend. For these shoes, Band-aids will once again be my friend. Fortunately, they are not my only shoes as my Jr High loafers were.

My favorite pair of shoes from when I was young were a pair of "Mondrian Beatle Boots." All my Mother would get for me were a plain white pair. I did a DIY with electrical tape and paint on my white boots to make my own. I thought I was so cool!

Source  These are the real thing.
 Do any of you have a memory of a favorite pair of shoes you had when you were young?


  1. Oh my gosh!
    I had a pair of white knee-high boots in the 70's!
    They were supposed to be patent leather,but i'm sure they were vinyl ;) and always scuffed and ratty ;)

  2. Oh,geeze did we have the same Mom? I wouldn't trade the way I was raised for anything. That's where I get my frugal soul. And yes I do believe it's in your soul......Hmmmmmmmmmm that sounds like a good post for me. More to come later.
    I do like your casual look. You seem to be more relaxed now. So do tell what the hell is your secret?

  3. Had to smile....Beatles Mod Boots were my favorite also...anything Beatles was my favorite! You look awesome today...slimmer...younger...this is a great look for you!!

  4. I like your casual look too, and I do like white socks with loafers if you have the right attitude -- which you have! I had white go-go boots in junior high that I wore ragged. The Mondrian Beatle Boots are *so* cool.

  5. I'm definitely old. They were Bass Weejuns. And my faves were plain ole white Keds.

  6. Thank you to Tammy and Pam who said I looked more relaxed and younger. I think it is because I am inside and not squinting in the bright light and feeling like I will melt away like everything does in that Perrier commercial!
    I may have to take all my pictures inside from now on. LOL

  7. Loafers aare huge this year and kudos to you for doing what you felt was right and wore them with white socks! It looks right, really!
    I love those mondrian boots and I just loved the white gogo boots too!

  8. Hi Dawn from Suitcase Vignettes nice to meet you. I look forward to getting to know you. I have to comment on those color block boots...they are fabulous. I have to google them now. Just curious, what are the items on the wall behind. They have me wondering? Hope you don't mind me asking...Dawn xo

  9. Hi Dawn, thanks for stopping by. The items on my wall are a picture of an old Native American and a metal sculpture of arrows. My home is decorated in Native American and Cowboy decor. It is a natural for someone from Wichita, KS. I have always loved Native American art and history. Of course, Wichita was a big part of the old west. That makes me think that I ought to write a bit about Wichita history. I am a 5th generation Kansan so I love Kansas history.

  10. Oooh you look great! It's refreshing to see you without a jacket. Even though you have a ton of amazing jackets - I think you look great in a crisp white shirt. The scarf adds just the perfect amount of accessory too.

    Those boots - I need them in my liiife. Lol! I had a number of pairs of black granny ankle boots with embroidered roses on them growing up. I think ages 3-5/6ish. I wore them and felt like the coolest thing since sliced bread.

  11. Hope you're able to break in the shoes; blisters are the worse! and I think I would die for a pair of Beatle boots like that. Thanks so much for joining the link up!

  12. Debbie, did you see that we were mentioned over at
    how cool is that?

  13. What a great thrift find. Bass is such great quality and to find a pair loafers is a wonderful deal!