Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday is for Thrifters - Necklaces worn as bracelets

Thursdays are for Thrifters with Spunky Chateau.
Sacramento @ Mis Papelicos always wants to see us in dresses. She looks great in her dresses and skirts. I rarely if ever wear a dress. I'm just not that comfortable in them and I have a very hard time finding one that fits me well. This dress is one I purchased from Kmart. It fits about as well as any dress I have, but I still fuss with it when I wear it.  I also bought a jacket to go with it, but it didn't lay right and I need to do some tweaking on it, so it will show up later.  I think I could wear this dress later in the fall with tights and boots, which I haven't done since high school.

Dress: Kmart
Jacket: Chico's
Belt: ?
Shoes: Think! Julia
 My necklace is a Chico's 25th Anniversary special edition. I absolutely love it. I don't wear it often because it really is a statement piece. There is a frog, lizard, ladybug, and assorted flowers. I thought it went well with the muted floral print in the dress.

I have noticed in a lot of the fashion magazines, necklaces are shown as wrapped bracelets. I thrifted two of the necklaces that I am wearing as bracelets last week. Necklaces that are 16 inches are just a bit too small for me to wear without adding an extender. However, they make perfect wrap bracelets.  I am sorry the photo is not better. We ran out of space on the card right when we were going to take the bracelet photo.

Bracelets: Top to Bottom
Necklace as Bracelet Thrifted
Necklace as bracelet: Thrifted
Wrap Bracelet: Forever 21
Michele Watch
Bracelet: Chico's


  1. What a joy to see you in a dress! Believe it or not when I started Rags, I owned just one dress. As I've blogged and been encouraged by others I've grown to like them a lot, and they are certainly easy. Looking forward to seeing how you'll style this next time around.

  2. You look great in a dress! Don't you just love Sacramento! Love that statement necklace...WOW!! Super cute arm party!! Kiah

  3. What a fab floral. I love the edgy belt and heavy gold accessories. And that necklace! Amazing. Gorgeous for fall. This is actually a perfect look for "summer dress for fall".

    I tend to use a extra long chain necklace wrapping it and wrapping it to make a wrist cuff. I have very finicky appendages? and rarely wear much jewelry (even though I adore it), but that's definitely one of my favorite ways.

  4. I love this dress on you! And of course that necklace is great. It takes a real woman to wear bugs on her neck. ha ha

  5. Your whole outfit is cool, love the necklace, I do the same thing with bracelet/necklaces, and I also love the denim jacket which seems a bit cropped? Thanks for dropping by my blog where I showing my purchases, now if I can just get into them and out of the house!

  6. Debbi, you look wonderful in a dress. Like Terri, I have come to like them more and more as I've been blogging. Your necklace is most definitely a statement piece of the prettiest kind.

  7. The whole outfit is great! The necklace is really fabulous. Will have to try the necklace as bracelet bit. I have some that are just a little too snug for comfort.

  8. I think that dress will look perfect with boots and tights this fall! Love your necklace too! Thanks for linking up this week!

  9. I like the necklace with the dress a lot.

    I sometimes will buy a set, a dress & jacket or a skirt and top, but a lot of times I wish I hadn't because it doesn't always turn out that I like to wear them together. It's one of those things where you get carried away in the store.

    I say that because I think your current jacket looks just right with the dress.

    I was in a Kmart in August while we were on vacation and thought they had some good dresses.