Saturday, September 24, 2011

Using a jacket or shirt to cover up areas you don't want people to notice

After reviewing today's photos, I decided that I wanted to show you one that is less than flattering to me. I want those of you who have areas of your bodies that you don't like to see how you can dress the body you have attractively. I have told you all that I am a pumpkin shape and believe me I am, especially since I am concave on the top of my chest. I think you can use a jacket or even a shirt that is opened over a layering piece to disguise a round middle. I hope this outfit post shows that just because you're less than perfect, it doesn't mean you cannot look nice.

Jacket and top: Dressbarn
(I love this leopard jacket!)
JMS Jeggings Walmart
Think Sandals

As you can see, I do have a round middle that I would rather others not notice too much.
 I have to admit that I do post the most flattering photos that we take. I would rather not have everyone see my large midsection sticking out for all the world to see. I think that most of us would prefer that others see our best looks, but I think it is really important for women who are less than perfect (in my case, much less) so see that they are not alone in facing issues with their bodies whether they are young or old.

Do you have any body areas you try to disguise? What tips do you have for others who may share that same issue?


  1. Hi Debbi,I've also noticed how a long shirt or cardi worn over ...anything makes me look slimmer. but I still have to post a photo of this look!I also love your jacket and I can see your style evolving.

  2. I like so much your blog, i hope you can check out mine.

  3. Debbi - I think you look great in this animal print-over-black outfit. I do believe we are hardest on ourselves. This is one of the many lessons I've learned from blogging: that my own eyes are the harshest critics. I don't see you as a "pumpkin" shaped woman, but as a gently rounded one with lovely slim limbs. And a wonderful smile. Oh, and great accessories! : >

  4. I don't see you as a pumpkin shape at all; and I agree with Patti, we are our own worse critics. You do look great in this outfit though! And my biggest problem is my arms. I try my best to hide them but it can be trickier than you think!

  5. I think you look quite lovely. I love the longer printed jacket with the slim jeans. I think it's a great look for anyone, of any body type. I'm also crazy about mixing black and brown.

    I agree we are our own worst critics. We look at ourselves frequently evaluating every nuance. I am hyper-critical about my face. I can care less about my ankles/tummy/boobs, but I am always looking at my own face. I feel like I look wildly different from photo to photo, and I never feel like they look like "me". Most days it becomes a choice between do I want this photo where my face looks like what I believe myself to look like, or this one that shows the outfit better. I'm trying to come past it because I know people want to see smiling fashion bloggers over broody ones, but my face seems to have a mind of it's own that isn't always communicating my emotional/mental state. The worst thing of all? You can't hide your face.

    (well you can cut it off the photos, but I found that's no way to run a good blog)

  6. I have had to go through so many experiments over the years to learn what is flattering on my shape. A great, fitted jacket or top with seams in them are the best. Wrap tops and dresses are also amazing slimmers. It takes practice and lots of trying clothes on to experiment!

  7. It's a great jacket--what is the material?

    I think most bloggers will pick the most flattering photos. I know that I sometimes will snap photos from all sides and often want to use a photo of the back side, but for some reason my calves often look unnaturally full and I'm self-conscious about that.

    I've told my mother about your blog and truly wish she would come read it. The willingness to include all sorts of photos of yourself speaks volumes about your self-confidence.

  8. I love your jacket! It is super cute! I don't like my tummy so I try not to wear things that accentuate it. It's kinda funny because when I was younger my flat toned tummy was my best asset and now I hate it! I usually let my daughter pick the pictures that I post since she is the one that usually takes them. Kiah