Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday - Moto-Safari

Do you ever look at a word and think, 'that is a weird word'? As I started to write today's post, the word Wednesday just looked so weird to me. I started doubting that I was spelling it correctly. That caused me to do some research and I found out that 'the experts' call this orthographic incredulity. So, there is a name for words looking weird.

My outfit for today was really casual, but comfortable. The jacket is one I got at Kmart for $7.50. I would describe it as moto-khaki. I had kind of a moto-safari look going. The necklace with elephants is one I got at the consignment shop I visited last week and I paired it with my leopard shoes. Cause leopards and elephants go together right? I also wore some leopard bangles, which was probably overload, but they were small!

This is all carved wood, with one strand of carved elephants.
My dear photographer wanted to take pictures of the leopard shoes. I told him you had already seen them, but he insisted you needed to see them again. So, here they are.
They are really pretty!
I went to the Salvation Army  store because I wanted to get some ties. They usually have an overload, but someone must have needed ties, because a lot of them were gone. I want to try to make an obi like Megan Mae made. While I was there, I looked at a coat that I have been interested in. It is a vintage black coat with a mink collar. It had some funky looking stains on the bottom of the coat. It kind of looks like mildew or something. They had a price of $89.99 on it. It has been there for a while (that is way too much for it) so I thought I would ask if they would reduce the price due to the stains. I had to wait a while for the right person, but I ended up getting it for 23.00! Now, I hope the stains will come out with dry cleaning. I sure hope so, it is a pretty coat. If they don't, I guess it was a risk.

Have you ever purchased something at thrift that you weren't sure would work out?


  1. It's pretty brave of you to be thinking about a coat when you've only recently broken a string of 100 degree days. If it came from around your area you can be assured it probably hasn't been worn excessively.

    I hope you find some ties. I like the obi in the picture about would be interested to see how that works for you.

    Usually they show those with dolman sleeved tops. Do those work for you?

  2. Your photographer was right! Besides, you could be getting NEW readers who hadn't seen those crazy shoes yet!

    I love "theme" dressing, and the modified safari-look is fab. I am in love with your elephant necklace. Promise me: if you ever get tired of it... mail it to me!!!!

  3. Oh yes, those animals love to hang out together; that is why your outfit is So Cool! And thank you to the photographer, because I for one needed to see those fab shoes again.

  4. Hi Debbie, Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. I did get a post up but it was around 3:00 a.m/

    That is one of my favorite shade
    s of blue and it brings out all your features and I just think the shoes are awesome!

  5. I love and want your elephats necklaced and your animal print shoes, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  6. I am also glad your photogrpher took anothe pic of your shoes because I had forgotten! Happens at our age, no?
    will stop in on the obi belt thing--love obis!

  7. LOL I've purchased sooooo many things that I wasnt sure about because they were so inexpensive. I try not to do that anymore! Those shoes are so great!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them....and as long as you keep them away from your necklace, the elephants should be safe! Jungle hugs to you! ~Serene

  8. Fashion AND a language lesson. 'Scuse me while I swoon a bit. I have a minor obsession with language quirks.

    Lovin' your leopard booties. They look great with your tough jacket.

    I tend to take so many risks with thrifting. I bought a poncho today. A poncho! But I have intentions on wearing it as a skirt, maybe as a dress, and probably as outerwear for fall. You already know I nabbed a rabbit fur coat not too long ago. Thrifting is a safe way to try things out that you're not sure of. I also take risks thrifting things that need repair or alterations. Sometimes it works, sometimes it never comes back to my blog because I screw things up. C'est le vie. Move on.

  9. I love that Motto jacket. Really adds some fun to your outfit!

  10. Congrats on bargaining down the price of the coat! I love the elephant necklace...and if you ever want to part with it, I am your gal.

    As for orthographic credulity, it seems to be an occupational hazard of being an English instructor. When a student mis-spells medieval as midevil enough times I begin to doubt myself. I've also seen oprah for opera!

  11. Thank you for your comment on my blog :)
    I like your moto-jacket and how you styled it - plus I fell in love with that gorgeous necklace with the tiny elephants :)