Tuesday, September 20, 2011

On aging gracefully

I decided to post the outfit photos first. That way, if you do not want to read my ramblings, you don't have to!

Jacket: Chico's
Top: Chico's
Jeggings: JMS Walmart
Think Sandals
On the right, my $2.48 Stone Mountain Thrifted Purse

Picture 1 bracelets 2 made by me (closeup on right) 2 Yurman
Middle: Chico's necklace
Right: the 2 bracelets made by me
 Now for the rambling: Patti @ Not Dead Yet Style wrote a post, What Does It Mean To Embrace Our Age?, which made me ponder my own feelings on this subject.

Model Jane Birkin, muse to Yves St Laurent and inspiration for the famed Hermes Birkin, said "... you suddenly wake up to the fact that your outside doesn't correspond at all with the inside anymore."  I am so there, sister!

I think there is a moment for all of us when we suddenly realize that we are no longer the visible, young, pretty woman that evokes stares from the opposite sex. My moment came when I went into a store and the clerk asked if I qualified for the senior discount. Horrors! Me, a senior? When did that happen? For so many years I had people think that I was younger than I was and now someone thought I was a senior citizen? For a long time, no one has told me that I don't look my age. So, I am guessing that I look my age. Not that there is anything wrong with that!

For me, more than age my body is my nemesis. I was lucky when I was young to have a great figure. Now remember, this was the 60's and 70's before sexual harassment was  frowned upon. Back then, when I would walk through the factory at work, I would have men hanging out the aircraft whistling and hollering at me. At the time, it embarrassed me to no end as I was too visible.  

Now being older and invisible to most everyone, my body is foreign to me. First, developing asthma resulted in my tiny 24.5 inch waist changing into a round, apple shape and then breast cancer taking my breasts, changed my body to one that looked more like a pumpkin with legs rather than the hourglass it once was. I am exercising and watching what I eat but the weight seems to be permanently attached to me. I hope I am aging gracefully. I can't afford plastic surgery, so I yam what I yam (to quote Popeye.)

For a while, I dressed my body as blandly as possible to disappear. then I made the decision to dress the body I have (shout out to Stacey and Clinton.)  I was lucky enough to be working at the time I made this decision, so I had the money to buy new clothes. Now, I am spending more time in thrift stores and I have to say it is like a treasure hunt. When you find something good, you feel like you have found treasure!  I will say that when you are a plus size it is harder to find treasures. If you are a size 8 or 10, you will find lots of great things.

On aging gracefully, a WebMD article, "Experts say the keys to successful aging include accepting changes and finding meaningful activities." I think that blogging is a meaningful activity for me. I am sharing a bit of me with everyone who might read my blog and I hope that I provide some inspiration for others who may be feeling like there is no one else out there who shares their body and age issues.

What meaningful activities do you have that assist in your graceful aging?


  1. First of all, I love the Chico's top! I think the keys to my ageing gracefully are loving what I do, living life with passion, not sweating the small stuff, and living joyfully!! I see my life with a greater purpose and it keeps me going. I am honestly having the time of my life and enjoying every minute of it...even when I have a hot flash or two!!

  2. Graceful aging has to include being healthy, and having some sort of PASSION.

  3. So well said, Debbi, and thank you for the mention. There is a bit of a shock when it first hits us that we are not the "cute girls" any more. Now we are women of substance, with all the wisdom and experience that comes along with it.

  4. Excellent post! Thank you.

  5. Excellent post, Debbi! I never had that "I'm not the pretty girl" moment, because honestly, I never felt like I was to begin with. Never thought I was ugly, but I never thought I drew male attention. The up side to that is that now, I feel GREAT! I don't feel like the best days are behind me but rather ahead of me. As they are for you!!! How great to rediscover yourself!! Big hug! ~Serene

  6. I've had trouble also adapting to my changing body..not with the extremes that you have been through though! But I can relate, and we just have to move on. My creativity helps me a lot--whether its blogging, drawing, reading, sewing, yoga, dance--all of which I am passionate about. Thanks for sharing :~)

  7. I love the bracelets you made. I have a thing about interesting stones. Are they agates?

  8. You know, I'm coming to the conclusion that ALL aging that we can do with humor and dignity is "graceful" aging. The bracelets you made are lovely!

  9. excellent post! blogging is an activity that allows me to age gracefully as it allows me to share my journey with others and leave my stamp on the world! I'm definitely following you! I hope you'll follow me back!:o)


  10. Debbi, I'm so glad you wrote this post! It's made me feel like I know so much more about you. I've had so many times where I felt bad about myself because I didn't feel like the outside matched the inside. I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one to feel that way.

  11. I think you're fabulous for embracing yourself, and I think the key to aging gracefully is to accept your body isn't going to always be the same. It will get sick, grow up, grow out, grow older. But it's still you and you want to take the best care of the now-you body you can. And do it with self-love and confidence!