Monday, September 5, 2011

Visible Monday - Cowboy chic

Visible Monday, created by Patti @ NotDeadYetStyle, falls on Labor Day this week. To all of you who are working, I hope you had a lovely day away from your labors.

Sorry I have been away from the blog for a few days. I have been suffering from headaches. Every now and then I get headaches for days on end.  Consequently, I haven't gotten much done in between headaches. I did want to participate in Visible Monday so I asked my husband to take a few quick photos. I also wanted to show a couple of things I found at a consignment shop. I have been wanting to go into this shop for a long time. It is called The Working Woman's Shop and is only a mile or so from my house. I could kick myself for not having gone in there before now. It is probably the nicest of the shops I have been in. I found several things that I wanted. I will definitely be going back more often.

Jacket made into a vest: Chico's
Blouse: Coldwater Creek
Jeans: Dressbarn
Boots: Old Gringo from Zappos
Necklaces: Consignment Shop & Fashion Bug

I've had this jacket for several years and rarely wore it. It was heavy and just not real comfortable After seeing several bloggers cut the sleeves off their jean jackets, I thought I would give it a try. I love it. Removing the sleeves took away just enough weight to make it more comfortable. It has a pattern on the back made up of different size studs. (That is partly why it is so heavy.)

As every good cowgirl in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas knows, cowboy boots are not just for utility, they are for stylin'. (With or without horse or ranch) I have always wanted some really pretty, embroidered boots. I finally found some that I fell in love with. I would rather have had them be a bit taller, but these will do. They are Old Gringo and I hope to feature them a lot in the future. I purchased these from Zappos. If you have never purchased from them, they are great to deal with. Free shipping both ways and fast too!

Old Gringo Boots - and they are supposed to look a bit used. It's a cowgirl thing.

Now for a couple of my consignment store finds. The jacket is an Austin Reed. I have seen them before at Dillards and they were expensive. I did pay $25.00 for it, but that's not much for such a nice jacket. I have a love for tweed jackets and have several for fall and winter. The colors in the jacket are so pretty. I can hardly wait for the weather to cool down enough to wear it. The necklace hanging on the hanger is one I purchased at the same shop. I am not a big fan of oriental items, but this is just so cool that I had to have it.

Closeup Austin Reed Jacket
Necklace Maker unknown
 Please stop by and see the other nice ladies who wish to be Visible this Monday. If you haven't participated, please consider joining us.


  1. I say again, you really do have the best accessories! That necklace is just over the top fabulous and those BOOTS!!!! I'm trying hard not to covet them! They are so beautiful! Congratulations on your feature in!! You continue to inspire! ~Serene

  2. See, I knew you could thrift! Be careful, it's addicting.
    Great finds and great job whacking the jacket!

  3. Sorry about the headaches, I know they can be so draining. OMG, Debbi, those boots are inspiring. Are we allowed to wear them in Florida?

    I am with you on Zappos, you can't beat their customer service. Have a lovely day, and thanks for participating in Vis Monday!

  4. I have so many friends with headaches...I know how it can shut you down for days...I hope you feel better certainly look great with that wonderful smile.
    Sorry, about the Debbie Downer description...please do not take it personally...I probably will not use it again..EVER! I will just say that naysayers are a bunch of Pamela's that??

  5. Your boots are so fun! And the jacket and necklace, great finds!!

  6. I love your DIY vest. You look so cute. Can I have those amazing boots! I love them so much! I hope you get to feeling better. My hubby suffers from headaches. He actually had to give himself shots that would just knock him out. You poor thing. Super wonderful tweed jacket. Tweed jackets always remind me of Chanel. You need a good layering of long and short pearls with that! Kiah

  7. I'm so sorry about the headaches. Maybe these exciting wardrobe additions will ease the pain, though. I totally fantasize about cowboy boots, even though they're not big in my region (and they might not be "me.") But I love, love, love them, and yours just make me smile. Wear them in good health!

    And I've loved every single jean jacket vest that I've seen. Yours is no exception.

  8. Love the urban cowgirl look! Great option for that jacket, now vest. I'm always thrifting things just to remove the sleeves from. I adore vests/sleeveless tops. Those boots are magnificent!

    Sorry to hear about the headaches. I know how you feel. I'm terribly affected by the weather and with all the various storms finally hitting here I've had cotton-brain. I'm glad I have my outfits pre-planned and had my weekend posts pre-written - otherwise the blog world wouldn't hear from me for a week.

  9. That necklace is crazy cool! Love how delicate each individual part of it is and yet what a statement it is!

  10. What a sweet pair of boots--you'll get lots of wear out of them. And cutting the sleeves off the jacket definitely worked! I haven't sampled consignment stores very much...yet.

  11. Sorry about the headaches -- I've been lucky to never have been really plagued by them, but my daughter gets them and she's really miserable when she has one. Cute boots -- and I agree ... Zappos is great to deal with.

  12. Great old gringo boots!! I just bought a pair and Im in love with them.

  13. Awesome boots!! Now I need a pair!! I always look for cool boots but never expected to find Gucci. Yours are artsy and cool. So glad you found a thrift where you can score great loot. Hope you are feeling better darling. Have a great weekend!! Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo