Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What do I blog about anyway?

This afternoon, I went to my hairdresser, Brenda at her salon Wild Hair, and she asked me what I blog about. I was kind of stumped on how to answer the question. I'll have to think about how to describe my blog so that the next time someone asks me what I write I about I will have a great answer. It seems rather trite to say I write about what I wear everyday and post pictures of my outfits. I feel like I am still finding my way and voice on my blog. How do you describe your blog when someone asks what do you write about?

This is the outfit I wore out to lunch with my friend, and then to get my hair cut and colored. (I noticed how bad my roots looked in one of the pictures my husband Bart took and decided I needed a color immediately. When your husband tells you he notices your roots, you had better get it fixed asap.)

Jacket: Chico's (I am loving animal prints this year!)
Top: Chico's
Necklace: Chico's
Jeans: JMS Walmart
Think! Sandals

A bit more about the Missoni for Target. This morning on the Today show there was a segment about the frenzy over the collection. I was a bit shocked that it was so crazy since it there wasn't a line or anything at the Super Target I went to. As I said yesterday, I had to ask for it as they did not even have it out. Also, the Target here did not have a lot of the items that were shown online.  I went out to ebay today and was shocked a second time. It seems that there were a lot of people who purchased as much of it as they could to resell at exorbitant prices. There were over 23,000 items for sale. I found the scarf I purchased for $24.99 for sale on ebay starting at $49.99.  The $29.99 shoes were priced over $100.00. I am for everyone making a living, but gosh darn it, this is ridiculous! In my opinion, Target should limit the number of items that can be purchased by one person. I think a lot of people will be very unhappy when they find out that the huge price that they paid on ebay for the items wasn't such a great deal.

Tomorrow I'll try to post a picture of the scarf I bought. I bought it because I knew it would look great with my camel colored winter coat, which it does. The scarf is very subtle and not the usual bright Missoni print. 

After listening to all the hoopla over Missoni for Target, I had the realization that I have way more fun and get more excited about my thrifting finds.


  1. What a freaking cool jacket! I adore the black swatches. It's very flattering on you.

    I usually tell people it's my daily fashion blog, but I also post about shopping advice, crafting, sewing, and getting the most for your money. I really need to design a business card. I've had a lot of in person interest and I never have anything on hand to give out.

    I still don't understand the hype over the target lines. I like target clothes. I won't buy them though. Unless it's at goodwill, they've still got the tags on, and it's 50% day. Like many bloggers have spoken about - those items sold at walmart or target are made on such a scale that whatever item you buy has X-amount of duplicates purchased by X-amount of people. I find it much more satisfying and special knowing my thrifted items will be way less likely to end up on someone else. Besides the hunt is half the fun anyway!

  2. At least you have a "Fashion Blog!" Mine is more eclectic. There, I've defined myself. Sometimes you have to be careful with Ebay. People are nuts. I love your jacket; it is so slimming and such a sharp piece! Other than shoes, never found a Target item that fit.

  3. Love the jacket! Thanks for telling me about the Missoni, I was taking my daughter to a college interview that day and thought I was missing out on something. The only thing I really wanted was the swirly vase, and maybe a scarf, but I can find things just as pretty elsewhere (or even in Target when the hoopla dies down) I am an Ebay seller and I went on yesterday and I was APPALLED that the prices where jacked up so high AND wondering if people were actually buying that stuff. So Crazy. My opinion, we can all look great without the Missoni!

  4. Wow, I can sure wait to buy any Target/Missoni on eBay! That's the opposite of my strategy: I try to buy when no one is looking : >

    I think your short profile on the top of your blog is a great summary: "being retired does not mean you have to live in sweats and tee shirts." You are writing about how to be stylish on your own time, and your own terms. No dress codes for you, yay!

  5. Thank you for your sweet comment about my hair. I love the way yours is cut. Love the jacket too.
    About Missoni..... I don't want look like everyone else who buys from Target? I want my own style and I'm learning from you wonderful bloggers, how to get it!

  6. Hm, just flat out tell people you write a personal style blog. In my mind, your style and especially your accessories are distinctive. I like the cut of the jacket.

    We could start a campaign to boycott all Missoni on eBay.

  7. You look beautiful today and tell your stylist your looks great! Sometimes I say that I am a fashion & style blogger for women over 50; and sometimes I tell people I am a lifestyle blogger for women over 50. Lifestyle blogging enables me to cover other decorating my house for fall or health or beauty or recipes and cooking or economy stories etc. Most newspapers have liefestyle sections!

  8. I have trouble answering the "what do you blog about" question, too. I keep telling myself that I must perfect my "elevator speech," but I'm not there yet.

    I love your jacket! (And I just commented about the whole Missoni/Target issue on the other post).

  9. So sorry to hear that you are still having headaches. I hope you get to feeling better! I don't care when my roots show, I actually like it! I know I'm crazy! haha Love your jacket so so much! As far as Missoni goes...I think its a bit over-rated! I love the black and white stuff the best! Kiah

  10. to be honest, sometimes I find myself almost sheepish when talking to people about what I blog about. It seems so vain on the surface, but I don't FEEL vain when I'm blogging. Of course, it's possible I've taken up residence in the state of DENIAL, but I feel like my blog is sharing what I'm passionate about: developing personal style and doing so with the focus on beauty NOT money. LOVE your jacket! Hugs! ~Serene