Saturday, August 27, 2011

Black, white & bright pink

This jacket is really pretty with a delicate shimmer on the fabric. The blouse is a sleeveless black and white print that I got at Dillards extra 40% off all reduced mdse. In reading the September fashion magazine issues, it looks like tie neck blouses are the latest trend. I think this one can be worn year round. It is sheer, but wearing it under a jacket makes it seasonless.

We were hurrying to take pictures because the battery was dying. So, I did not notice that my hair was sticking out on the side. I used Bumble and bumble Texture on towel dried  hair and let it dry. It is the only product I have found that doesn't have a perfumey scent and actually gives some texture to my hair. My dear husband is more concerned with snapping as many pictures as quickly as possible than making sure that I look presentable. Ah well, that is the world of the over 50 fashion blogger who has no professional stylist!

Jacket: Dillards
Top: Dillards
Jeggings: JMS Walmart
Shoes: Think! Julia (I know you all are probably sick of seeing the same sandal
 in different colors, but they are so comfortable!)
Bracelets: Kohls & Chico's
Necklace: Tennis necklace ebay
 As I was wearing this today, I felt a bit like June Cleaver as I was unloading the dishwasher and doing laundry. The thought ran through my head that you never know when Publishers Clearing House could knock on the door to present me with a big ole check. Sadly, no one rang the doorbell.


  1. I adore tie neck blouses. There was a time when I thrifted practically every one I found. This was about two years ago. I love yours with the gorgeous pink jacket. I love a bit of color on you.

    I wonder if that product would work on my hair. I've been wanting to try some textured looks since my hair is growing back out but everything is so stinky/perfume filled.

  2. That's a great tie-collar blouse, Debbi - love the Dillards sale! It's another sign of our shared age: when the doorbell rings, my husband says, "it could be Ed McMann . . ." : >

  3. I like this rose colored shade of is a great color for you!

  4. That tie blouse is great; I can see it worn with so many different things. And we are always ready when someone knocks on the door when we are personal style bloggers! I guess we are our own personal stylists! Debbie

  5. lol--no, one never knows who will come knocking..
    You look great in this pink and your hair is just wonderful! I use bumble and bumble too--and lots of other products!

  6. Love your tie neck blouse! Those are my faves! The blouse looks perfect with that pink shimmer blazer! This post is hilarious because my daughter and I had the same issue with the camera a couple of days ago! I missed the Dillard's extra 40% off sale for the 1st time in about 5 years!! The next one I hit up will be the New Years sale. That one is usually an extra 50% off!! My mother in law and I go every year! Kiah

  7. Love that pink blazer! Everything is better in pink! :)

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  8. Oh my Goodness, I have just found your fabulous blog, and I am so excited to see it!! I LOVE your site, and you are SOOOOO tres, tres, INSPIRING!!! I am also a lady who communicates my uniqueness and zest for life through clothing and accessories! As a Boomer myself, I adore my freedom at this beautiful time in my life, and love to strutt my stuff as the woman I have become through the wealth of my life experiences. I LOVE the photos you've posted, and your wonderful writing style! I look forward to tuning into your site every day and being inspired! I can't wait to take some time and go through your older posts I missed before I found you! Sincerely and with much love, Bonnie in Omaha Nebraska

  9. You look so beautiful with this perky-colored jacket and the eclectic touch of your bracelets!
    I'm going to look for the Bumble and Bumble Texture hair styling product! Thanks for mentioning it! Sometimes the perfumey products are irritating, not only to my scalp, but they fight with my perfume! I've been wanting to try a new hair product~ You're such a terrific girlfriend with all your tips, and I'm so happy to have found your terrific blog! Happy first day of AUGUST!!