Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Necklace layering examples for your perusal

Layering necklaces has been a trend in fashion for quite a while. I think it is becoming a standard rather than just a trend. If you are totally intimidated by creating your own layers, there are many layered necklaces available in stores, on ebay, and etsy.  I enjoy creating my own layered necklace looks by combining what I already have with new purchases. Some of the necklaces I use are ones that I have had for many years and some are purchases from Forever 21. Many over 40 bloggers have necklaces that they have accumulated over the years that can be used to create layered looks.

There are some basics for layering that I will go over before showing the layering examples.
  1. Use different lengths to create your layers. If all the necklaces are the same length they end up getting tangled and just look messy.
  2. Have some common element between all the necklaces. For example, stone color, metal color, themes such as hearts, crosses, ect.  I think it is easier to keep your metal color similar when you first start layering necklaces, but you can mix metals and have it look great.
  3. It is easier to create layers with odd numbers of necklaces.
  4. Don't be afraid to mix expensive pieces with inexpensive pieces.
  5. Rules are meant to be broken, so experiment and have fun with layering.
Here are my examples. I hope you enjoy them.

 The theme of this layered set is Native American. The top necklace is a leather cord with a very old pottery sherd as a pendant. The second necklace is a buffalo head with beads made by a Native American. The last layer is two turquoise necklaces that have been "woven" together. The colors in the turquoise pick up the color in the stones in the buffalo necklace.

Pearls and initials are the theme of this layered set. The top necklace is a repro of the Anne Boleyn necklace (aka Ugly Betty necklace). The next necklace that is really hard to see due to the glare from the flash. It is white porcelain with a gold D on it, vintage Sarah Coventry. The next necklace is a vintage Avon with a blue stone and a pearl. The next is a pearl necklace and the final is a long gold necklace with crosses on it. Wendy Brandes created an Anne Boleyn necklace  that I would love to own, if I ever win the lottery! It is beautiful.

The theme of this set is crosses. The first is a cross with a leopard print. Next is a necklace with what looks like a perfume bottle (the necklace should be a bit shorter). Then a cross of amber colored plastic. Finally, the gold cross necklace from the previous picture.

The theme of this is hearts united by metal color. The first necklace is the perfume bottle necklace from the set above. The second is a vintage Nolan Miller heart with floating crystals. The next necklace is actually the longest and layers over the necklace with the tiny hearts. It has 2 long strands with hearts on the end.

 Remember when I said you should have an odd number? For this one, it has the appearance of 3 objects even though there are only two necklaces. Here the uniting feature is the rhinestones and the antique gold metal. Both are from Forever 21.
The color gold unites this set. The first necklace is one that resembles a vintage piece, but is new from ebay. The second necklace is the same rhinestone heart from the set above it. The third is one I fell in love with at Forever 21. It is a set of angel wings united by chains. It is a feminine look.

I hope you have enjoyed these examples of layering and will be inspired to do some of your own. 
Thank you all for all your nice comments on my blog, I feel so lucky to be a part of the blogging community. After reviewing all the September fashion magazine issues, I realized that I have reached the point where reading and viewing "real people" blogs is much more inspirational than reading the magazines that show fashion that I can never hope to own.


  1. I love this post. I love to layer necklaces, depending on what I'm wearing. And that buffalo head necklace is fabulous!

  2. This was so helpful--thank you so much for posting this. It's much easier to make some initial choices based on the principles you laid out, rather than just combine things willy-nilly. (And I echo what you yourself said--"real people" blogs are far more inspirational than magazines! Yours proves it.)

  3. This is great, Debbi, thank you. I am layering today and thinking of you (only two necklaces but it looks like more). The rhinestone necklaces from F21 are incredibly beautiful - I don't know who designs their jewelry but they do a great job at a modest price.

  4. Thank you so much for these wonderful tips! I've admired your layered necklaces from afar, so I appreciate you sharing your knowledge. The "odd numbers" tip is especially helpful -- I never would have thought of that on my own. I shall start experimenting right away! Maybe you'll see the results in a future blog pic....

  5. What a wonderful post! Will have to look at my necklaces and use your inspiration for new ways to wear them. You do, indeed, "accessorize well".

  6. This is incredible. As someone who usually skips on the accessories (due to no storage space for said accessories), your blog is eye candy. These layered necklaces are brilliant, and take a good eye.

    I'm also way more into blogs than I ever was magazines. Magazines are not only limited, filled with ads and only give you monthly updates - bloggers are often accessible, update daily, and are highly imaginable and up to date. Not to mention, you're not locked into whatever is on-trend.

  7. Oh, the leopard cross is a really interesting piece.

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  9. Love the ugly betty one (I didn't remember where I saw it until I read the post, but knew I liked it). I am terrible at accessorizing with necklaces.

  10. Thank you for these examples! I am new to layering necklaces... You've inspired me!

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