Monday, August 1, 2011

Visible Monday - Tropical color in HOT dry Kansas

My internet has been out for a couple of days and I have been going through withdrawal. Until access is not available, you don't realize what a big part of your life it is.

Today, is once again Visible Monday organized by Patti of Not Yet Dead Style. It is a wonderful way for anyone to not feel invisible in this all too appearance critical world. 

As you will be able to see in today's outfit, I do have a bit of muffin top. My pants are not really tight, I just have a large middle and I refuse to wear "shapewear" which to me is nothing more than a girdle in more modern terms.  Whenever I wear anything that is too tight around my middle, I get nauseated. I have always had this issue, even when I was really thin.  I know some women love shapewear and I am not against it for everyone, just me. 

Jacket: Dillards
Top: Chico's
Jeans: DG2 -HSN
Shoes: Think Julia

Necklace: Vintage
Bracelets: Kate Spade Ric Rack
I absolutely love my Kate Spade Ric Rack bracelets. I have them in several colors and they just work with so many outfits.  My jacket is several years old, but one of my summer favorites. I used to wear it with black pants and a black tee to tone it down when I wore it to work.

I look forward to our Accessory Swap outfit pictures tomorrow. It was organized by Pam at Over50Feeling40 and links to all participants blog's will be available on Pam's blog tomorrow.


  1. Oh, that fish is so wonderful - do you think it is from the 60's? I am with you on tight garments of any kind - I like a little space between my skin and my clothes when possible.

    thanks for participating in Visible Monday!

  2. The colors in that jacket look so great on you! Fun fish necklace, looks very 70's.

  3. I am in love with those bracelets!! They are so cute...these colors look wonderful on you! Thank you for your sweet comment about my posts...i so appreciate the encouragment...i cannot wait to see everyones accessories tomorrow!!

  4. WOW, did you ever give your blog the right title! That necklace and those bracelets are awesome. And I totally empathize with you on that other issue -- I cannot STAND to wear anything with tight waistband (which is probably why I so often wear things slightly too large, so they ride down on the hips!) I like those green and blue colors together, in the top and jacket.

  5. I love all of your jewelry! GORGEOUS!!! No worries with the muffin top.....I seem to always have one when I wear frustrating!! ~Serene

  6. Chicos used to sell pants in a "W" fit that went straight up from the hip and without the waistband pinching in at the waist, there was no muffin top. For some reason they discontinued them. When I complained, they just said we should wear Spanx - which just seem like the panty girdle of the '60. I just buy them on Ebay. I love those Rick Rack bracelets! And the fabulous fish! I didn't realize they were so large. Also, big thanks for reminding me about the accessory swap pictures. I totally forgot the date we were supposed to post them. The stuff you sent was so neat, I would hate to miss posting them.

  7. The Rick Rack bracelets are cute.

    I rely on Spanx for evening but never during the day!

  8. You cannot get me in a pair of Spanx. No way. They just seem mean. I love you in these bright colors. And you have no idea how much I love that fish necklace. They remake and sell those kinds of things out of cheap materials at Forever 21. The real deal is so much better.

  9. I love the rick rack bracelets too. Where did you find them in Kansas? I love the colors in your outfit. I have a distant memory of my mother struggling into her girdle and will always prefer a natural womanly shape to something that "packaged."

  10. Very nice! I am really in love with these bracelets! And the jacket is so cute ... as spring ... a breath of fresh air ...

  11. You have some great jewelry! That vintage necklace is amazing and I love the bracelets too. You wear bright colors really well!

  12. The bright jacket is so cute, and those bracelets are adorable. ;D I say wear what you want, and what make you comfortable.