Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday already?

We are having trouble with our internet connection again. Cox says it is something in the wiring and the soonest they can get here is Saturday between 5-7pm. We have had issues since we moved here 5 years ago. A few days ago, they told me it was the modem--hum, funny they couldn't tell it was the wiring until I got a new modem. Then they wanted to sell me digital phone service. Are they nuts? Why would I want yet another problem? Enough on this rant--but I may not have service for long.

Back when I was working, my Mother, who was retired, would tell me that the time passed so quickly for her. I always said that time at work was like time in a black hole. SLOOOOW. Now that I am retired, I find she is right, it does race past seemingly at the speed of light. Here it is Thursday already.

Today was a yoga class day for me. I love yoga -- not necessarily while I am doing it because it is hard -- it makes me feel really good. I think that the longer I take it the more I will benefit from it. I also went to lunch with my best friend from work and wore this outfit.

Jacket: Dillards
Tank: Target
Jeggings: JMS Walmart (I got 3 pair, so I am really not wearing the same ones every day!)
Snadals: Think! Julia

The colors on my jacket and the top look faded. They aren't faded at all, I'm not sure why it didn't photograph well. The next photo shows the colors more accurately.  Whenever I wear this jacket, I always feel very feminine.

Watch: Michele
Bracelet: Imperial Gold QVC
Watch worn as a bracelet: Vintage WG Diamond Gruen
Beacelet: Diamonique Tennis Bracelet QVC
Bracelet: Imperial Gold QVC
Ring: Inherited 
 The ring I am wearing was my Grandmother's. My Grandfather built and sold dog houses to earn the money to buy her the ring for their 50th wedding anniversary. When she passed away, my Mother gave me this ring. I dearly love it. The vintage Gruen watch belonged to a lifelong family friend. She was always so perfectly dressed with jewelry, a lovely dress, a small pocketbook and precisely coiffed hair. I don't think I ever saw her in a pair of slacks. Whenever I wear the watch, I think of her.
Three penants that I wear together on my round omega necklace.
Do you have something that you love because of the memory it evokes?


  1. Sounds like your internet provider and mine have something in common, they know absolutely nothing! Hope you get it lined out soon. I love your jacket, it is so feminine!

  2. Watches-as-bracelets is one of your statements, I love it. And the stories behind both the ring and the watch make them so special to wear, I reckon.

  3. Love your pendants. I'm a big believer in wearing things that invoke feelings, be it memories or abstract ideas. My most memorable piece of everyday wear is my anniversary ring. It's a simple silver celtic piece, but my husband got it for me on the first out of town trip we ever took. So I remember the awesome vacation, walking to breakfast in super freezing weather at Twilight, eating as the sun rose in big windows lighting up the wood of the building.

  4. I have some of my Grandmother's jewelry. she made her own clothes and was always so put together. I think of her when I wear her jewels.

  5. My father gave me his watch as a graduation gift. He said that I'd need it since I'd be working already! Even though I had so many watches back then, it's the one I've been using all this time.