Sunday, August 7, 2011

Coldwater Creek - I may come back to you

In the past year or so, I lost my love for Coldwater Creek. I would go in, look around and leave--even when they had a 35% off everything sale. There was just nothing that excited me. Then yesterday, I got the newest catalog in the mail. Yes! There are things I would love to own. There is one blouse in particular that makes me drool. It is the Tucked Lace Blouse, the first photo on the left below.

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 I like all of the tops above. (Of course, I haven't tried on any of them, so I reserve my opinion on whether or not I would actually purchase any of them until after I try them on.) The colors and styles are really nice and could be used for work or home wear. The sweater on the far right looks like it might be a cute layering piece.

They also feature new fits on their pants, Modern, Natural, and Classic. I like pants to fit at my waist, not below. It they fit below, my muffin top bursts over--not a pretty look. I know Stacy & Clinton say that at the waist fit is "old lady", but hey, I am an old lady and if I wear my top outside my pants why does it matter?

I have a couple of issues to get off my chest:

  • First:  Stores that give you a coupon for $25.00 off a $100.00 purchase. (CC, I am talking to you.) It's a really nice thing, but if you find something you want that is $99.95, you can't use the dang coupon! Really?!, a nickel, a mere 5 cents short. If you want to use the coupon, you have to find something else to purchase.  I may not want anything else and it peeves me to have to get it just to use the coupon. 
  • Now for my second pet peeve, making plus sizes $5 to $10 more than the regular sizes. I know it takes a little more fabric for the plus size, but they don't give petites or Extra Small sizes a price break! The top I like is $99.95 for 1X-3X and $89.95 for all other sizes.
 There was a silver-haired model featured in this catalog. Finally, they seem to be acknowledging the fact that there are many over 50 women who purchase from them. Now, if they would just feature someone over size 0 in their ads...


  1. I hear you about those coupon codes. Makes me a little cynical about marketing . . . I love the second and third pictures - the sleeveless tops. Those could get a lot of wear, with your layering.

    Hope to see you at Visible Monday : >

  2. I get coupons from JJill like that. It's highly unusual for me to spend $150 at once so I always ignore them.

    I have never had good fortune with CC cuts and have pretty much quit shopping there. My sister is always turning up with things that look good from CC, so I think it's just me.

  3. I find it weird that they only feature a size 0 in their ads. I visited a Coldwater Creek store hunting for dress pants and plain buttondown shirts for a job, and nothing was smaller than a 4/6.

    Go with whatever rise pants are more comfortable for you. I wear higher waists because low-rise pants cut into my hip bones. Even woman-sized pants don't always accommodate a booty/hips.

  4. I just found your blog and have subscribed! I have felt the same way about CC lately -- nothing has appealed to me in several seasons. But, I got a fall catalog yesterday and saw several things I want to check out in the store. Fabrics are sometimes scratchy, and the shoulders in jackets sometimes don't fit me right. Happy shopping!