Monday, August 8, 2011

VM - Kind of an old flower child look

Visible Monday, organized by Patti @ Not Dead Yet style, is here again! Today I have on a kind of flower child look with embroidery and flowers. I tried to find something to match the Inspiration Monday, but I just did not have anything similar except this outfit.

Jacket: Chico's
Top: Dillards
Jeggings: JMS Walmart
Shoes: Ann Klein

Back of the Jacket

From left
Bracelet made by me (under charm bracelet)
Vintage Charm Bracelet 
Art Fair purchase
DIY made by me
2 David Yurman Citrine bracelets
 I love the colors in this top. I remember when I spied this top across the building at Dillards. I just knew it would be mine (if it fit) and it was. I have another one similar except it is tie die colors. Hopefully, I will wear it before summer is over. I do like this jacket, but it is a bit big through the shoulders and I have several that are similar colors, so I am thinking of getting rid of it.

Maybe the reason that I am thinking of flower children and hippies is that I am starting to create some macrame bracelets. We sure did a lot of that in the late 60's and 70's. Did you do macrame and if so, what did you make?


  1. Whoa! You've got some arm bling going on. I love it.
    Your shoes are very cute, love the color!

  2. I love the details of the jacket echoing your blouse. The colors are very pretty. I also love your moccasins!

    I never did macrame, but those plastic lanyard/bracelet things were huge when I was growing up.

  3. I think that's a very cute look! I love all the bracelets adn the shoes are to die for.

  4. I remember macrameing hanging plant holders and purses! LOL That brings back a lot of memories! I like all your flowers.....very festive! ~Serene

  5. I love jackets with design on the back - and this one is very pretty. Your Arm Party is rocking today; I love all the charms.

    Thanks so much for participating in Visible Monday.


  6. I'm all for the flower child look! I think it's pretty neat you are making some of your own bracelets. You definitely have an arm party going on there! I love that stacked on look. Debbie

  7. Great outfit! I love the detail on the back of the jacket. And no, I don't think I ever did macrame, but I struggled mightily with all craft activities requiring manual dexterity. So there may be some trauma there that I've repressed....

  8. You look really really cute in this...the jeggings work and the detail on the jacket is your bling! You go girl!