Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day at home + vest

I didn't really wear the vest at home today; just the top and pants. The addition of the vest is a look that I wanted to try based on something I saw in the new InStyle magazine. It's an okay look, but I don't think I will repeat this actual outfit again. The vest is suede and has a collar which when worn with another collar over the top of it is too stiff and uncomfortable for me. I think maybe that is why I looked so stiff in the picture--I wasn't comfortable.

Tonight is the season premiere of What Not to Wear. From the previews, it looks like they are finally featuring a real plus size person. I can hardly wait to see it.  I know a couple of other bloggers are WNTW fans. I do have some mixed feelings about it. I wish they would spend more time on the what to wear rather than berating the participants bad taste.

Vest: Coldwater Creek
Blouse: Ralph Lauren
Jeans: DG2 Cargo
Shoes: Tom's burlap
When I was about 25 and weighed 75lbs less than I do now, I took ballet classes. Looking at the above photo, my foot looks like it is in a ballet pose. Funny thing is I thought I was so fat back then. Ah, to be that fat again!


  1. You look great, though I know from experience that uncomfortable outfits are rarely repeated. I adore vests, but sometimes they ARE too stiff, you're right.

    And I kind of love WNTW, even though they berate people and -- more importantly -- put SO much emphasis on following "rules." But they do give some good tips, and I must confess that even the insults make me laugh (especially when Clinton's doing it. He could totally diss my wardrobe and I'd still laugh).

  2. I know what you mean about discomfort - those outfits just don't get loved. Your vest does look wonderful though.

    I'm another fan of WNTW, even though they can be snarky. They do try to build the *person* up whilst trashing the clothing. But more time on the positive would be welcome, I agree.

  3. I like vests also...but find myself not feeling comfortable in them and I do not know why. If I go out in something I feel uncomfortable in, then it becomes kind of a black cloud over my enire day...whether it should nor shouldn't doesn;t matter...it just does. But, if it helps at all, I think you look really cute!!

  4. I'm a "What Not to Wear Fan" & I also love that show "How Do I Look"! Ha Ha, I was just telling me hubby how I wished I could look as bad as I thought I did when I was 20!

    Happy Wednesday

  5. I had to laugh at your last line. Do you remember all the positions?

  6. I love suede, but it can be a bit stiff if not completely broken in.

    I've recently been watching WNTW as it's been on lately, but I'm more a fan of How Do I Look in terms of make over shows because they do make participants face their style, but are shown WHY they are being nominated and HOW it's going to affect them. Then after the transformations they give back even more to the individual, helping them on their way with their schooling, career or making their dreams come true.

    WNTW has helped many people, but I feel like they're way more likely to put people into cookie cutter outfits diluting the personal style that is the individual. HDIL takes individual style into account more than WNTW in my opinion.