Monday, August 22, 2011

Visible Monday - Trying a trend (Not successfully)

For Visible Monday from Not Dead Yet Style, I wanted to try a trend that I had seen in a magazine but I didn't like how it turned out. I thought about not posting it, but then I decided that if my blog is to reflect what I wore, then I need to post the dud outfits along with the good ones. I don't like the rhinestone/stud top with the patterned vest. I think a solid would have worked better and the top needed to be longer. Ever have something that you think you look really good in until you see the picture? Well, the jeans that I thought were really cool, don't look so good with a shorter top.  I just didn't get the proportions right. Well, I guess it is try, try again for me for the vest over jacket trend.

Tee: TanJay Dillards
Jacket: Chico's
Vest: Gap
Jeans: DG2 HSN
Shoes: Think! Julia

Bracelet on Left side of pic: Dana Buchman Kohl's
On right from top down: Forever 21, Yurman, Apt 9 Kohl's, TJ Maxx
I hope everyone has a great Visible Monday. Tomorrow I am going to do a post on how I layer necklaces. I hope you will join me for that post.


  1. I think except for the top being just a bit short, the look is good, Debbi. I really like the vest-over-jacket, and I don't think the top clashes at all with the vest.

    I will most definitely be here tomorrow for your post on necklaces. Thanks for participating in Visible Monday!

  2. i hate it when a look in my head looks so much better than the real thing
    we need to post our not so great outfits too
    i always like to get feedback on how i could have maybe pulled the vision off correctly

  3. You know, I don't think my jeans photograph well, either. Wonder what that's about? I like those jeans a lot on you, actually. I do find my eye a little distracted by all the different elements on top, but that could just be me! (I tend to be TOO simple). Kudos to you for actually posting an outfit you didn't like! I've not yet had the guts to do that. But you are so right -- we learn from that.

  4. I know one thing...YOU LOOK FABULOUS IN BLUE!! So, don't worry about anything else....

  5. It happens to me all the time that the visual dosent match up! I love you in blue and your jeans are great as with all the pieces. I think you are right-the proportion isnt perfect. Ah well, we dont need perfection evrey day, right?

  6. I just don't do well with shorter tops! And yet, I see some women wear them and look GREAT! Actually, very creative to do the vest over jacket. You have the most amazing jewelry! I love it! ~Serene

  7. Looking forward to seeing how you layer necklaces. I really like those jeans. DG2 Jeans are great because you can always get the ones that fit you. They must come in 60 different sizes. (Unless you wait for a clearance, of course.) I am always glad when someone tries one of those trends that I know I won't - belt over buttoned cardigan sweater, vest over jacket, short skirt with ankle boots, etc, because it can be so much more interesting than the easy, everyday stuff. So thanks for trying this!

  8. I like that vest. Would you consider putting it atop something white? I think the blues would be really vivid.

    It's cooled off a little bit here, but not enough for me to even think about putting a vest over a jacket. Heck, thinking about a jacket is a stretch.

  9. maybe pick up one of the lighter blues in the vest? which is a beautiful pattern, by the way. As for it not quite working -- I think the trick is to just keep trying it again.

  10. To me it is the same ... I think an outfit is great and when I look at the pictures I see the mistakes, everything is better ... However, I think the only thing I take away is the short jacket, other than that ... everything is great! Thank you for your honesty, it is good to know that I am not the only one who sometimes makes mistakes.

  11. There are many days I take a pic & am so shocked at how much different I look than I thought I did! I think it's important (to me anyway) to post the good with the bad! Your outfit isn't a total flop. I think a longer short would make it look really cute!

  12. I have learned so much by posting pictures. I'm not very photogenic and it really takes nerves of steal to get thru the shots. There are more than i care to mention that have been duds. Butttttttttt. I have learned a lot from those duds. Remember duds need love too!
    It seems you got a lot of positive feedback on this one. I think that's great.
    Thanks for your concern in my absence. I'm back, have a new laptop and life is good.
    I will check in tomorrow to see what you are doing with necklaces. The bracelets on this post are beautiful.

  13. The greatest thing about fashion is that you can always change your clothes. The greatest thing about blogging is getting visual feedback for yourself, and text feedback from others.

    That said, I really like the idea behind this, but I think it would have been more successful with a plain top and layering the vest under the jacket. The print is gorgeous, but very bright so letting it peek out from the edges of the jacket tones it down.

    I LOVE the seaming on the jeans. I picked up a similar pair thrifting. I haven't worn mine yet. I love the tough bracelets, especially the wrapped retilian looking one.

  14. Most of the time I don't publish my bloopers, but I do experiment with looks.