Monday, August 15, 2011

Visible Monday - Safari Chic

It's Visible Monday via Not Dead Yet Style and I am calling today's look Safari Chic. I feel very chic and put together in this outfit. I have loved this top since I saw it on a hanger at Dressbarn. (Dressbarn? Why couldn 't someone have come up with a better name for a nice women's store?)  I especially love the accessories I put on as mostly they are inexpensive pieces from Forever 21 and sale pieces from Chico's. I found three of the bracelets on a mannequin at F21 and asked a sales clerk if she would get them off so I could purchase them. She told me that she could not remove them. What? It seems as though they were "merchandised." Well, I am thinking if you have it in the store with a price tag it should be available for purchase. Fortunately, she did take the time to check and found out it was the only one in the store; checked with the manager who said I could buy it. I am thankful I found a sales associate who at least took a bit of time to help a customer--one outside her usual range of customer.

Jacket: Chico's
Top: Dressbarn
Belt: Chico's
Jeggings: JMS
Sandals: Think! Julia
Necklace: Forever 21 (surprisingly nice, heavy metal pendant)
Bracelet on left side of picture: Chico's
Bracelets on right side of pic, top 3 F21, Chico's, F21, Chico's
 FarleyJoe, my sweet old boy was in all the pictures. He doesn't want to be very far away from me. His face looks like an owl with the white ringing his eyes.  It is so hard to see a beloved pet get old and know that their time with you is getting shorter every day. He has been "my" dog since the day I brought him home to foster. He was such a nice looking dog that I was sure someone was looking for him and he would not be with us long.  He was found running lose in a park by a wonderful local veterinarian. It was meant to be that he found a home with people who would love and care for him as he should have been.  


  1. I had the same thing happen the one time I was in Forever21 with my daughter. Unlike you, the manager wouldn't let me buy the scarf I wanted, but put my name on it so I could come back for it. (They never called.) Love your bracelets! I have never been in a DressBarn, but you have convinced me to check them out, since I already like your other stores.

  2. I love the story of FarleyJoe. I too hate to think about my beloved pets growing old - why can't they live for 50 years????

    Your outfit is very safari chic, and good for you for wrangling those gorgeous bracelets. Thanks for participating in Visible Monday!

  3. You look great. I love this outfit! It has such a fun look about it. BTW that is the cutest dog EVER!!!!!

  4. I have had sales associates take clothes off a display if it was the last one in my size - sounds like she didn't want to be bothered at first. Customer service isn't what it use to be!! I love how you gave your outfit a theme! And you do look very chic in it! I can tell FarleyJoe was craving a little mama time. I could never foster a pet - I would wind up keeping them all and my little dog and two cats is plenty!

  5. Wow, F21 must not need business. I do not think I would do business with them if they said that to me...that just doesn't make sense in the economy we currently have. I love your total look...especially your necklace!! Good job!

  6. I really like the print on your shirt! And I love the jewelery paired with the jacket -- it just ties it all together. Your dog is so cute. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  7. When I worked at NY&Co we were often not allowed to undress mannequins because we pinned garments on. So even if it was the last item in the size you needed, we often had to damage out those pieces because the pins caused holes. I always thought it'd make more sense to have mannequins that actually fit the smallest size we had (ridiculous, no?) I don't understand the accessory thing. I'm glad she asked, because you have the best accessories.

    I lovelove that big egyptian-esque pendant.

    Also swooning over your pup. He's a gorgeous fellow. Sometimes animals end up in their forever homes by accident. My mom now has three cats because some of her (terrible) neighbors abused the strays. So she now has three permanent cats. I think if he lived a happy life with people who loved him, nothing more you can do. There are other animals that will love to share your life too. You can only love and care for them while they're here and let them have as happy a life as possible.

  8. You look very nice and put together. I think this is a great example of how to do Casual Chic. And the amber coloring in the bracelets looks expensive.

    It was nice of FarleyJoe to match your outfit.

    ps Thank you for the comment you made on my site about my Grandmother's necklace. I cropped another picture and added it so you can see it a little more closely if you want.

  9. FarleyJoe is an excellent accessory.