Friday, August 12, 2011

Chico's Day

Today is not only a Chico's outfit day, but one where I visited the store. I bought a couple pieces of sale jewelry and a couple of tee shirts that were 50% off. There were several things I might have bought if I was working but I don't need any new jackets, no matter how cute they were. I also went to Coldwater Creek (and no, they do not have my interest again) and Dillard's. The tops at Coldwater Creek were not at all what I expected. I didn't like the feel of the fabrics and several were really low cut. At Dillard's, I did some looking in the shoe department and it seems as though studs, sequins, and rhinestone trim on shoes is going to be good for fall. Although I sure don't know how some women can wear the pointed studs on the heels without ripping up their legs when the walk.

I knew these jeans were too big, but I really did not realize how much they need to be taken up until I saw this picture. Since I am biggest around the middle, I have a hard time finding jeans that are not huge through the legs. Most of my jeans look like wide legs even when they are supposed to be slim legs (like the ones I am wearing, which are supposed to be slim legs.)
Jacket: Chicos
Tank: Chico's
Jeans: Chico's
Necklace: Chico's
Chico's Necklace
Bracelets on left of picture are Nomination Italian Charm
on right top to bottom Etsy, Michele watch, Yurman

Think! Julia sandals. My husband decided I need a closeup shoe photo, not sure why,
but here it is.
 I also went to Barnes & Noble and bought a book "Style Yourself" with "inspired advice from the world's top fashion bloggers." I read some of their blogs, so I thought it would be interesting to read the book.  Maybe someday there will be a book based on the world's top over 50 fashion bloggers.  That thought makes me smile! I hope you will all have a lovely weekend.


  1. The one thing in fashion I can't do is a pointy toe! Have a great weekend and BTW, you are my fave Over 50 Fashion Blogger!!

  2. Did you know that Ari Seth Cohen has been working on a book? He's the guy behind Advanced Style--so eventually, you may find some ideas there. I love the necklace.

  3. I love your accessories, as always, and your shoes are so pretty. At first I thought your caption was ordering me to "Think!", and I couldn't think of a single thing : > (menopause?)

  4. I have that problem with jeans too. Only I need to fit my bigger-than-average bum. I also have thin legs. I'm glad for the close up because those are adorable sandals!

  5. Your Chico's necklace is so much fun!! I also love this color of print on you...common problem with the jeans...but don't worry, you look very nice!!

  6. Jeans and pants are difficult for me to find a good fit. That's probably why I wear so many skirts and dresses. With pants, I notice that I put them on and they look great, but within an hour the shape is completely different! So frustrating!!! You necklace is just FABULOUSLY AMAZING!!! I love Chico's's always dramatic. Statement pieces to be sure! Big hug to you! ~Serene

  7. I think finding jeans that fit right is a challenge for most women because they are made such a standard size and most women's bodies aren't all exactly the same. Everyone's a little bigger or smaller in a certain area. And I love Dillard's. It's so expensive but I could spend all day in there!

  8. I just love your blog! I found it through Pam- I love your jewellery, so cool !

    Ariane -

  9. Thank you soooooooooooo much for your warm welcome, and the fabulous statement necklace.
    Besos, my dear friend.