Thursday, August 11, 2011

Denim, lace, and embroidery

Thank you to all who commented on my post yesterday. One of the reasons I really wanted to write the post is that too many people feel shame over having cancer. No one would ask for cancer and no one should be ashamed for having it.

One of my favorite quotations is from the Star Trek movie, The Final Frontier.  I think that all the things I have been through in my life make me the person I am today and this quote says it for me.
Capt Kirk said, "Damn it, Bones, you're a doctor. You know that pain and guilt can't be taken away with a wave of a magic wand. They're the things we carry with us, the things that make us who we are. If we lose them, we lose ourselves. I don't want my pain taken away! I need my pain!"

Now, back to the outfit postings. My outfit for today is one I had to throw together really quickly as I had 30 minutes to take a shower, dress, and drive to meet a friend for lunch. Now that I see it, I think it could have used some added color.  It could qualify for a pattern mixing day as well.

Jacket: CJ Banks
Lace tee: Chico's
Black tank under tee: Coldwater Creek

Bracelets: Kate Spade Ric Rack, Dillards, Yurman

Vintage necklaces, layered


  1. Lovvee the lace blouse! And thanks for sharing yesterday~Paula

  2. Wish I looked this well in so short a time to prepare. I love the lace with the jacket! And now, I'm off to catch up on yesterday's post!

  3. I'm with Terri and Paula - that lace blouse is wonderful! I'm going to look for it at Chico's site. Love your quote from Star Trek - wisdom is found in many places. Have a lovely Friday.

  4. I do love lace and your outfit today is super.

  5. I too love the lace. There is just something so romantic about lace!

  6. I think it's just right.

    If you wanted more color the only thing I'd have considered would have been a pair of big blue button earrings.

    You've mixed patterns nicely. Both have a similar color and the repeat of the design works well.

    It's always good to have a go-to outfit that can be brought out for days that are short on prep time.

  7. Love the lace peeking through and all of your jewelry is amazing! Really like the stacked bracelets and layered necklaces! Kiah

  8. Love this combination, lace is the counterpoint to the harshness of jeans! And pendants ... OMG ... these pendants!

  9. I love the lace top with that jacket. I got a bit teary at the Star Trek quote. I'm such a dork, but I have to say Star Trek (et al.) has got to be filled with some of the best wisdom.

    Some of my blog/twitter friends were discussing emotions and feeling them all in one day VS not feeling at all. Our emotions make us who we are.