Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Signature Style

I was looking at Chico's website yesterday and noticed their tag line on the jacket page. It said "Jackets   Make Them Your Signature" I had a eureka moment and thought "jackets are my signature style!"  I think almost everything I wear has a jacket as an integral part of the outfit. I know that Stacy and Clinton often say that a jacket is the finishing touch to an outfit.  I have written before about using the jacket as a security blanket of sorts, but it is also a look that I am drawn to again and again. When I see another blogger's outfit that I covet, it is usually one that involves a jacket. The realization that the jacket is my signature really excited me. Jackets allow me a lot of creativity. I can wear something very classic such as a blazer, something funky with a wild print, black leather rocker chic, feminine florals, or classic Chanel style tweeds.  My accessories are also a part of my signature style, but they are just that -- accessories to my outfit.

Signature looks can be one's hair style, eyeglasses, accessories, hats, makeup, even a laugh (I am thinking of Julia Roberts). What is your signature style or have you discovered yours yet?

It was a record high 104 today and was miserably hot. I went to lunch with a friend and then to pick up some things at Sam's club. I didn't wear the necklaces as it was so hot that I couldn't stand anything around my neck. They are what I had planned to wear, but decided not to until I took pictures. I ended up picking bracelets in all silver rather than gold because it seemed 'cooler' to wear. Gold seems warm and silver cool--I know that metal is metal and both colors conduct heat the same--but it is a mental thing.

Jacket: Coldwater Creek
Top: Dressbarn
Jeans: Fade To Blue Jeggings Dressbarn (They have cute snaps on the legs)
Shoes: Think! Julia
My photographer fails to tell me when my necklaces are not laying correctly.  I can't really complain, he works for free.
Bracelet on left side of photo Kohls
On right top to bottom: Animal print bangles, Forever 21, 2 Yurman, Michele watch


  1. I know what you mean about the photographer - I never have the heart to critique him : > I think gorgeous necklaces and multi-bracelets are part of your signature too.

    For me, probably my curly hair, and wearing a skirt instead of slacks almost every day.

  2. I love that tan top with the white jacket!

  3. See, now I would have thought your signature style is your great bracelets!!! My signature style would have to be my long hair and skirts/dresses. Hugs! ~Serene

  4. I feel the same way about jackets...they make me feel skinny...they add polish...and I just think it makes me look more put together. It was 101 where I live so YOU WIN!!

  5. I've recently become obsessed with jackets. Somehow I made it years stealing the husband's hoodies/jackets, layering cardigans and then going straight to coats. I'm going to have to take some inspiration from you and find some jackets.

  6. Jackets are a great way to make an outfit look pulled together. I don't know how you can bear to go outside in 104 degree weather!!

  7. I was noticing the other night that in most all your posts you are wearing a jacket! They really do look great on you. I guess I don't have a signature style or at least if I do I haven't found it yet.

  8. yea my tripod never tells me when my necklaces are looping the ladies !!

  9. So, how many different jackets do you own? I think my own collection of blazers is up to 10 or 12, but I don't know what my "signature" might be.

  10. I love an arm full of bracelets. On my way to Forever 21 now for those animal print bracelets….LOL…anything leopard is perfect!